Monday, July 10, 2006

This is the New Stuff

Ever since we got off the Baby Train I've been trying to find new friends (online and IRL) with other interests. What? you say, there are topics people blog about other than infertility?? Yes, its true! Here are some of my new favorites (to go along with many old favorites, which I just can't quit) in alphabetical order:

A Woman of Many Parts-- British cancer survivor, teacher, and so much more.
Ask the Pope-- who knew he was so funny?
Captain Picard's Journal-- the sexy bald Starship captain has his own blog too.
Everyday Stranger-- American expat in the UK, a briliant writer and a tortured soul (and a friend of Statia's).
Farmgirl Fare-- a touch of country living without leaving home, from a remote Missouri farm.
French Word-a-Day-- fairly self-explanatory, from a real-life author of a French travel book.
I Gallop On-- the aforementioned woman + horse blog.
Julius' Travels in the South-- a scientist stationed in Antarctica posts photos and tidbits about his life.
Nature Trail-- Canadian garden & photography blog.
Paris Breakfasts-- NY food and wine artist writes on her favorite topic.
Paris Parfait-- an American in Paris muses about a "parfait sundae" of art, antiques, culture, poetry and politics, with amazing photographs.
TV Squad-- for hard-core TV addicts like me.

and finally...

What Would Jesus Blog? -- again, who knew he was so funny and such a music lover? He's on a 40-day sabbatical right now though.

I'd love to hear about any new favorites of yours!


  1. I love's me some Helen. Even though she's got a god complex. :oP

  2. I had no idea Jean Luc kept a blog...interesting ;) is one of my favorites about a managing partner at a major law firm in California who blogs anonymously about his role and view of his underlings in his firm.

    Recently, anonymous lawyer was outted as a harvard law grad living in New York, not in Cal and not a managing partner. He then wrote a novel called Anonymous Lawyer, about a managing partner at a firm who blogs anonymously, except someone at the firm finds out and tries to blackmail him or something.

    It was very entertaining until he was outted. Since then, i've been busy with ivf.

    Another blog i enjoy is It's about a literary agent who blogs anonymously (a real one this time) and helps the hapless writer navigate through the publishing world. She's an excellently snarky writer and she really is helpful. If you read her everyday, you will know a lot of the do's and dont's of the agenting world by the time you're ready to get an agent of your own.

    Then there's Mr. Nice Guy,, i'm sure everyone knows him. He's a funny stay at home mom, who's about to go back to work (or maybe he's back, it's been a while). But he writes really well.

  3. I think I denote a trend here, you like to travel, perhaps? Sadly, I read no other blogs. I didn't even know about blogs before I thought to seek them out for consolation purposes. So I'm excited to check out some of yours.

  4. I love a list of different blogs. Thanks for being so multi-dimensional.

    Although he claims to be in semi-retirement, I live

    And, if you haven't heard, Kyle from oneredpaperclip got himself a house, a year to the date of him beginning his journey.

    For the saucy side of life I enjoy

    For lawyerly stuff, and for science:

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog and nice to hear someone else has been to the Canadian hotels (EH!). I don't know if you participate in Sunday Scribblings, but in reading a bit of your blog, it sounds like you are seeking new outlets for art/writing and this might be something that would interest you:


  6. I sometimes stop by Mainely Madge's and read a bit:

    I also dig the food scene:

    French girl turned Sillycon Valley dotcommer turned French food writer:

    I have heard rumors this gal is dating none other than the very famous David Kinch of Manresa (Los Gatos)...a little racy something to stir up the blog world but, if true, what an interesting. At least she will truly appreciate his art. Who knows? :-)

    There are loads of great foodie blogs on those two links.

    I wish I had more time to read non IF blogs, but I'm obsessed.

    I wish I could hurry and get me a baby so I could move onto blogs ranting about baby shit or something.

  7. You must also check out Crazy Aunt Purl. A knitting, cat, divorcee blog that is Oh So Funny!

  8. Oh, I enjoy reading too! She makes this desert dweller long for the green country.

    You might want to check out A science writer's blog, Chris writes about nature and life and all kinds of interesting things. Very smart and soulful guy.

    I also enjoy, written by my gnostic christian friend, Juliana. She writes thoughtful, exquisite stuff.

    If you have any leads on equestrian/horse blogs, would love to hear about those.

  9. Great topic! I, for one, could use broader horizons!

  10. Oh Oh TV Squad, I dig it! :)

  11. Love Farmgirl fare too. Thanks for the tips on the French related sites. I'm such a Francophile.

  12. I am SO enjoying my music! Thank you so much!

    I just found this awesome girl:

    You will LOVE her!!!!

  13. I just stumbled upon your blog - very interesting!~ I like the idea of passing on your favorites. It's always interesting to check out new ones.

    I have been doing the infertility thing for over 6 years. I very seldom blog about it. I am jealous of those that can, but also wondering how it doesn't depress you more? I don't think I could do it. Good for you to move on, if that's where you are at the moment. I will have to stop in to read more now that I found you!