Friday, August 24, 2007

Same Cough, Different Week

Yes, I'm still sick. And no, I haven't called my doctor. I know that coughing and runny nose can last 3 to 4 weeks, so I'm not worried yet. It was getting a lot better earlier this week so I took a chance and did a riding lesson on Wednesday morning, which turned out to be a mistake -- by that evening I was back to where I was a week before. Last night I took two extreme cold night time liquigels and that knocked me out for most of the night, so today I feel a bit better and the cough is more productive. Unfortunately I haven't been able to let my body rest as I've been working ridiculous hours. I don't get paid for overtime since I'm on salary, but they do take that into account when they pay bonuses, so I will get compensated for it one way or another. If I work on the weekend things will start to slow down next week. I need to clone myself.


  1. Don't you just love David Cherry's artwork? At least I'm assuming that's David's, as his sister (CJ Cherryh) features rather prominently in the right and corner...

  2. I am glad you are feeling at least a little bit better.
    Sorry you are working so much..ugh!

  3. I am very concerned for you. I am worried that you might have walking pneumonia or bronchitis. (A friend had the symptoms you described for 2 months, she had w.p. and once she started daily treatments it still took her 3 months to get completely healthy again).

    PLEASE go check in with your doctor. The worst s/he can say is "go home, you're on the road to recovery" right? Pretty please?

  4. Sounds like Ebola Donna. You weren't bitten by a monkey recently were you? On a serious note...sorry you are feeling so horrible. It sounds awful. Get better soon;-)

  5. Yes, I'm sorry that hear that your still aren't feeling well. Hope it gets better soon.

    As for cloning, I always figured my clone would turn into some evil thing and make things even worse for me, so I've taken my name off the list of study subjects. lol

  6. Man - that is one long, drawn out cold! I wish it would leave you alone. Sorry you have to work so much, too. Hope you start feeling much better very soon. -Kym

  7. That's a long time to have a summer cold Donna, and seriously, if you are still coughing up by the end of the week, you really should go to the doctor who should recommend a chest xray. Expectorants are better than cough suppressants, as much as it is annoying to you. You've got to get that crap out of you.
    I haven't been on-line much lately, so I'm doing some catching up today. Is Missy any better? How is her leg?
    Love the music list you made...of course all of those songs are fab! I still haven't figured out my ipod, just another thing to do on my long list.
    I do hope that you feel better soon.

  8. So much for sweating it out. I hope you get well soon.

  9. How are you? How's Missy? Just thinking of you and had to click the "Smarties" tab in my favorites to see how it goes...
    All best,