Sunday, September 30, 2007

That's Hot

Actually, I'm hot. I'll admit that I'm not bad for a woman who's pushing 45 like a British nanny, but that isn't what I'm talking about -- I'm literally broiling most of the time. At 41 my doctor told me I wasn't ovulating anymore and I got a first-class ticket on the Early Menopause Train. In the last six months my temperature gauge has gone on the fritz, stuck on high. I don't have what I would call hot flashes, they don't come on all of a sudden, it's more of a gradual thing and lasts for an hour or more, then I generally slide headlong right into freezing.

Anyone who says that riding isn't a physical sport has never been on a horse. I was an athlete most of my life and I hardly sweated at all; now I am making up for it. I don't smell bad (thankfully) but the wetness under my arms is quite disgusting, at least to me. Have you seen the commercials for the new "clinical strengh" deodorant for women? The person who wrote the copy for this ad is a fricking genius, the tagline at the end is: Because You're Hot. The best part is that the product actually works. Hallelujah.

Speaking of hot, last week marked the beginning of the new fall TV season. Guilty as charged: I love TV and I don't care who knows how many hours I watch a week. I don't watch soap operas, game shows, talk shows (except my boyfriend Jon Stewart) or reality shows (except The Amazing Race), so I don't feel bad about it at all.

Monday has always had a dearth of good TV, and no, I don't watch Heroes. I caught the series premiere of Journeyman and quite liked it. It takes place in San Francisco and it's always fun to feel connections to the places you see on the Magic Box. The acting was believable as were the special effects, which on a show like this could be a killer. I'll keep watching this one.

The season openers of both NCIS and Bones were good, these are old friends. I taped Reaper but I haven't watched it yet, anybody care to weigh in on that one?

I wasn't crazy about the Private Practice preview last season and the first episode didn't really toast my raisin bread either, but I'll give it a bit longer. Just like Joey outside of the Friends universe, it felt like a bit too much Addison for me to stomach. I somehow screwed up the DVR so I only taped the second half of Criminal Minds, but I think I can figure it out. With Mandy Patinkin leaving the cast I'm not sure I'll continue to watch or not. CSI:NY is also an old friend, but I've taped Bionic Woman and Life, so I may need to cull some Wednesday viewing. Bionic Woman is also being shown on Sci Fi, so that may give me a little breathing room. I'm also going to check out Pushing Daisies.

My other boyfriend Derek Shephard is also back, along with the rest of the docs on Grey's Anatomy. The season opener was a bit ponderous, and Izzie's storyline with the deer was stupid, but it saved itself in the last five minutes; although, seriously? There is no such thing as break up sex. If you break up with someone and the first thing that crosses your mind is you want to have hot sex with them, then you did not just break up with them. Doesn't matter, it's so beautiful when that boy smiles...

The original CSI solved the cliffhanger from last season with Sara. I won't give it away in case you haven't seen it yet and want to, but I was a little disappointed they didn't take the harder route. Does that give too much away? The Without A Trace premiere was also a little slow, but it will get interesting once they divulge that Sam is pregnant.

Big Shots was a nice surprise, I almost didn't tape it but I'm glad I did. Just seeing Dylan McDermott and Michael Vartan back on TV is worth it. Now, that's hot.

In Moonlight we have our first dud of the season, in my opinion. The male lead, a vampire, is charming and good-looking, but that couldn't make up for the bad acting/writing/special effects, I could only watch it for the first 15 minutes. Numb3rs started off with a bang, an enjoyable hour with Val Kilmer guest-starring.

I'm still watching Damages and Mad Men as well, both continue to dish out surprises both in plot line and in how good the acting is. Nip/Tuck starts at the end of October and I cannot wait to see how much they ratchet up the kink factor now that the good doctors are in LA. Speaking of LA, Californication on Showtime is also very good, very funny.


  1. NBC owns me on Mondays with Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman - Kevin McKidd, mrrow.

    Tuesdays it's Eureka and probably NCIS.

    Wednesdays, Bionic Woman, which turned out to be much better than I was expecting, and Life. Again, Damian Lewis, yum.

    Thursdays, L&O:Criminal Intent and/or Burn Notice. CSI was unbelievable, literally, and disappointing to boot.

    Fridays, er, nothing? Californication if I got Showtime. Repeats on Saturday.

    Sundays, Iron Chef America!

  2. I just discovered "24" last season and spent the summer catching up on the last six years. I can't wait for the series to pick back up.

    I got so addicted that I'm afraid to watch anything else, though I did pick up "Firefly" and we're enjoying that.

    I can't watch all those shows -- which one would you recommend as your very favorite? (I don't get Showtime.)(I'm the same Anne from smellshorsey.)

  3. The head and feet sweats are what make me crazy. Oh, and under the boobs. God.
    Thanks for your heads-up on the shows. I'm ready to start watching something interesting. Journeyman may get in the way of K-Ville. I'll need to look that up.

  4. wow, you did pack a lot of tv into one week

  5. I thought Reaper has potential... some good laughs so we'll see. Private Practice was annoying, and Grey's, I'm just not sure where it's going anymore (seems like it's devolving into depressing stuff every episode the way ER did). Criminal Minds losing Mandy, don't think it'll survive or be a keeper after he's gone.

  6. If you didn't catch Burn Notice this summer, I highly recommend it. i'm allllll about the Burn these days.

    And I totally adore The Office and 30 Rock.

    Today is CD40. I think I'm joining your club if you'll have me.

  7. The clinical strength stuff is pretty good.

    I haven't seen Moonlight but one of the actors, Jason Dohring, was great on Veronica Mars (RIP).

  8. Well, Donna, welcome to the club, that hot thing has had me for years but it's the other part of it, the freezing that gets me the worst.

    As for TV, I really don't like it much but my family is addicted so it's always on.

    However, Monday we have to watch Dancind wit the Stars even though the stars are not necessarily stars. It's the only reality tv I like. We taped the stuff on the other channel.

    Heroes jumped around too much, I was having trouble keeping up. I thought

    I thought Life was good.

    I'm with you on Private Practice, I didn't like Adisson all that well on Grey's, so hate seeing even more of her.

    I think the whole point on the break up sex is how mixed up Meredith is, she hasn't a clue about relationships and is too terrified to want to even try. I think with the loss of characters this year, it's going to take them a bit to build connections for the audience again. That always messes things up to start.

    Other than that, that's it for me. All the blood and guts on the CSI's is too much for me. Ive had enough of that to last me a lifetime or two.

    I'd rather be watching RFD-TV with all the horse trainer shows but we don't get it so I'll pass on the rest.

  9. Girl you need to get yourself some HBO! A new season of Curb your Enthusiasm just started! I think you would like that. I enjoy TV as well. My new favorite is Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on that show.

  10. I now officially hate the new private practice. I still love Grey's (even if they are now practising veterinary medicine in the parking lot) and I am undecided on pushing daisies. How did you like that one?

  11. Anne, I'd have to say that Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show, but that's because my boyfriend Patrick Dempsey is on it. If you haven't been watching from the beginning it isn't that hard to get caught up. If you like 24 then maybe you can one of the more intense crime dramas.

    MiKael, I cannot watch DWTS because I have too much dance training and it makes me cringe. Not that I am a big dance expert by any means but come on - Jerry Springer?! You would think I'd have had my fill of violence and heartbreak but I am drawn to the shows where they try to figure out why and how the bad guys did what they did, although after watching many years of these shows I still can't figure out how people do horrrible things to other people.

    If I had HBO I would never get any work done! It's bad enough with the channels I do get. I've given up watching Desperate Housewives (got a little too desperate for me) and decided not to watch Bionic Woman since it interferred with two other shows, haven't watched the tape of Life yet but have heard good things, ditto on Pushing Daisies.