Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Songs In the Key of Life

Another thing I didn't mention is that I cannot listen to music right now. At least, not music I am familiar with, meaning anything on my iPod or iTunes. This is because every song reminds of something or someone and more often than not, makes me cry. I don't need another reason to cry right now.

Every time the phone rings my gut wrenches in a knot and I wonder what terrible news I will hear upon picking up the receiver. I'm waiting for another shoe to drop. How many shoes do I have? What am I, a centipede?


  1. No, you're a woman, and any respectable woman has at least 100 pairs of shoes.

    Wait, was that a bad joke? I'm sorry, I'm just trying to rein my German back in.

  2. Music does that to me, too, sometimes. It can be very evocative - and some classical music makes me cry even if I've never heard it before. Something about the emotions raised.

    I hope the shoes stop dropping soon.