Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Down

This handsome little guy lives on the farm next door to where Missy lives. I'm sure he has a name already but I call him Black Bart -- he looks like he's got a bit of scoundrel in him.

Today we went down to the farm with the plan to at least put Miss in the round pen and let her get some exercise. When we arrived my trainer was just about to lunge her so D groomed her and put on her front and bell boots. Willow noticed her left hind leg looked a bit swollen, and as soon as she started to trot a limp became very pronounced. She was done for the day and for the next several days at least. We ran cold water over it for a while, and when I checked there was a strong pulse at the fetlock so she's probably getting an abcess.

She was having so much trouble getting up the hill back to her stall that I started to cry...I just can't stand to see her in pain. *sigh* I suppose if there was ever a good time for her to be lame it's now, when I can't ride, but she's already been off for almost 3 weeks due to my injury and her teeth, and needed to get back to being ridden.

Once again, I am powerless to change these circumstances, and that's not helping my already fragile psyche. Things have got to get better from here.


  1. He does look like there is a bit of a scoundrel in him. Good description. I hope both you and Missy feel much better in short order.

  2. Happy Easter, Buddy.
    I hope you and Miss are healed and healthy very soon.
    And I hope the Easter bunny brought chocolate.

  3. Man Donna...I wish there was something cheerful to say, but you have been hit with a serious "shit storm." What a horrific couple of weeks! Know that you are in our thoughts and here's hoping it is just an abcess. Keep us posted.

  4. Hi Donna,
    Got a good chuckle from the picture of the little scoundrel. I agree, he looks like trouble!! He sure is cute though...come to think of it, most cuties are trouble!! Anyway, I was catching up on your blog and am so sorry for your setback. Keep in mind, that's exactly what it is though...a temporary setback. It's bound to happen since you're having to move that arm again. So glad you have those pain pills. They are your friend. I am keeping you in my thoughts and in my prayers for a speedy recovery, and less pain. Take it easy, it will come with time.
    As far as the job, you will get another job. You have talent and skill, so it's a no brainer. Everything in due time.
    Oh, and that horse is gorgeous!! Go and watch him work, that will cheer you up.
    Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself!!

  5. Hello my little friend!! I have something for you...come on over for a visit!!

  6. Love the little cattles, LOL, OMG! Donna,I was just reading some of your posts back! Hope you're doing Ok and getting better! Yikes! Take care, friend, sorry I haven't been around visiting in awhile! I won't make so long next time!