Friday, March 24, 2006

More Words & Music

See, I knew my readers could answer the Holland/Netherlands/Dutch question. Very interesting! I'll be sure to refer to the country properly as The Netherlands from now on. My company has a few employees there. I think the tolerance test is a good idea in theory. If you are going to live in a country with fairly radical views on things like gay marriage, prostitution, drugs, euthanasia, etc., then you should be prepared to show that you can tolerate the culture. The language part is a real killer though, the cost seems prohibitive, and the fact that citizens from certain countries are exempt seems, well...intolerant.

Now, I know there are several readers who can explain the difference between England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. As a Canadian I am ashamed to admit I'm still a little fuzzy on the distinctions.

I truly appreciate you coming to my defense, but noone has actually said anything about my blog being too focused on one topic, I just wanted to make sure readers knew they can expect to find lots of different stuff here.

Kudos for naming all the original artists of the songs! I've fallen into the trap of thinking a song was "new" when it's really a cover of a great song from 30 years ago. Just like with movies, there's a lot of copy-catting going on in the music biz right now. As long as they do a good job I can't complain.

I've been noticing lately that adverts are using some great songs (I've always loved the British slang for commercials). Here's another game: here are a few songs, you name the commercial, OK?

The Kinks - Picture Book - mp3
Bodyrockers - I Like The Way - mp3
Nick Drake - Pink Moon - mp3

In order to post music files to a website you have to create a URL for each file. Since I don't know how to do that, I use EZArchive. For $6 a a year I got enough storage space to host my blog images plus enough music files that I don't have to delete them right away. It automatically creates a URL for each file you upload, then you simply copy the URL and paste it into the hyperlink field as usual.


  1. the first one is from the HP commercial. the second one is like, on the freaking tip of my tongue and is driving me crazy, and the third one is from a volkswagon commercial.

  2. Even though my husband's nickname for me is jinglegirl, I'm not going to get any of these. Thanks to my ReplayTV with commercial skip I don't ever see commercials any more. It's a beautiful thing.

  3. Nick Drake - Pink Moon...i'm stumped, but damn, i love that song

    - jules

  4. I didn't learn about the difference between English and British until I moved here. Apparently, if you call yourself British then you can trace your family back several hundreds of years. If you cannot, they tend to call themselves English (my partner goes with English).

    UK includes England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. It's more of a poltical system and I don't really know of anyone who says that they're from the UK-all the different countries identify themselves as English/British, Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

  5. Great Britain - mainland Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)

    United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

    In Scotland, most people will call themselves Scottish or European, then British. 'English' refers to white folks born and bred in England. If you're not white, you refer to yourself as British, even if your family moved to England in 1602. Strangely, this doesn't appear to apply to the Scots, Welsh, or Irish. For example, you can be Scots Nigerian, or Scots Punjabi (there is an Asian tartan, btw).

    Oh, and over here, 'asian' refers to everyone from India, the Orient, and Malaysia. Gets quite confusing at times.

  6. Love The Pink Moon song! I haven't seen the VW commercial, but hey! You can google anything these days!

  7. Uhh, I don't mean to be a spoil sport, but as a lawyer, I can hardly help it - are those songs you're sharing copy right free? I don't want to see you get in trouble for illegal file sharing...

  8. The UK question has basically been answered, but to add one thing: The official country name is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And as orodemniades said, Great Britain is England, Scotland, and Wales.

    I love the Kinks and Nick Drake!

  9. Isn't that second song ("I Like the Way") in that Coca-Cola advert where that guy is getting dressed to go out and he like throws his shirt in the air and it falls right onto his arms? And he's wearing red socks which match the lining of his jacket which matches his coke bottle?

    I need to stop watching television.

  10. Yes Molly! That's my fav commercial at the moment, with the cutie-pie dancing around his apartment.