Sunday, December 3, 2006

Another Day Older & Deeper in Debt

The title's a quote from Tennessee Ernie Ford's classic song Sixteen Tons:

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

Yesterday was D's birthday; it also happened to be his company Christmas party. Many companies in the Bay Area, even the large ones, have done away with the all hands holiday party in favor of smaller celebrations, but being a construction company with headquarters out of the Silicon Valley, his tends to favor the old-fashioned approach in many ways. Everybody gets dressed to the nines and we all head to a nice waterfront hotel to eat banquet food and listen to a local cover band. Free drinks and the chance to watch your boss make a fool of himself on the dancefloor: priceless.

Several months ago the pilot light in our furnace started going out intermittently. As the weather got colder the frequency at which I have to re-light it has increased exponentially. With a large sigh we agreed we needed to remedy this situation.

For the price of a good used car or a really good vacation (pushing 5 figures) we are soon to be the proud owners of a new propane furnace, with matching ducts and assorted other accessories.

I’m all for being cozy and all that, but for that kind of money I want something I can show off. Does this count as House Bling? It’s not sexy, it’s not even pretty, and let’s face it, it’s in the basement. It doesn’t even come in designer colors!


  1. I hate buying house crap like that: so much money and nothing visible to show for it. Two years ago we got a new roof put on the house, and the peace of mind is nice, but I think I would have prefered some kitchen cabinets for the price.

    Glad D's finally home. Hope he's back for the duration of the holiday season.

  2. I'm glad your husband got home in time for his birthday. And that at least someone else footed the bill for that celebration.

    Can't you just consider the furnace his birthday present? I mean, didn't he get you a vacuum cleaner for your last one? heh

  3. oh I don't know bedazzle the thing add your own bling, I'm sure I saw a Martha Stewart furnace make over sometime ago and if I didn't be the first.

    it's horrible to spend so much and have nothing to show off i know but being warm and broke sure beats the alternative.

  4. Darn.
    But you will be cozy and not have to worry anymore. You might have some kind of tax advantage or PG&E rebate with a new furnace.
    My hot water heater pilot kept going out, but we were able to just replace the pilot assembly and it works perfectly. whew.

  5. I've got two big holiday parties this weekend. Apparently both companies missed the memo on the 'smaller is better'. One company is being made fun of all around the valley for this year's entertainment.

    I think there should be separate money for non-bling expenses like water heaters and furnaces.

  6. How come I haven't heard about this gossip Millie? I need the silicon valley gossip. Ha!

    I think you should totally adorn your new furnace in rhinestones and sparkly pink paint.

  7. I like Statia's idea! What a cool furnace it would be - you'd have to be sure everyone who gets the house tour sees the special furnace! I hate spending money on that stuff, too - feels so pointless. -Kym