Monday, December 18, 2006

Crunch Time

I'm still here, just incredibly, mind-numbingly busy with work. I have a couple of posts all done in my head but no time to put them down on the computer screen. I even have some music for y'all! I'll get a chance to breathe on Thursday morning, I don't have to be at a client for a software demo until late afternoon.

This was my shopping list the other day:
1. Gas-X
2. Bean-O
3. Lactaid
4. Tums
5. Whipped cream

And how's YOUR week going?


  1. that is one terrific shopping list. nothing says holidays like rich foods and the results. glad you're back and doing well, even with the busy hair-pulling-out.

  2. Ha. Lactaid and whipped cream. Been there, done that. With ice cream too :)

  3. When you DO get time off from all the hussle...enjoy it, ok?!

  4. Trying to tone down my Tums addiction with Rolaids Plus Soft Chews... put them on your next list.

    Hey, how about a "whats-on-your-ipod" post... I was trying to make some iTunes purchases the other day and kept doubting myself/losing my nerve. I remember getting some good tips from you last year some time... I'm looking for soulful but not cloying. Contemplative but not depressing. Any thoughts?


  5. It's Humpday, and I hope that your busy week is winding down.

  6. Your shopping list pretty much sums up the holidays perfectly...

  7. Jenna, I've got a music post in the works, sort of a "music I discovered this year" kind of thing. Including a zip file for my friends in the computer! Stay tuned.

  8. I don't want to even KNOW what you're doing with that whipped cream. :oP

  9. It is Friday now and I hope you are ready to relax with the holiday spirit!!