Friday, January 19, 2007

Six Boxes

The other day I went to LSC to pack up my office. Not only because my reign, I mean, my contract there is ending, but because that group is moving to another building on the campus. After four years of work I had four boxes of files for them to keep and two boxes of personal stuff to take home. I know that isn't fair, the vast majority of my work is on the computer, but I'm a tangible kind of a gal. I kept my laptop for now as I haven't got sign-off on the project I've been working on for another department there, and my badge to get into buildings will only work through the end of the month.

I was really sad when I got home and it took me a while to really pinpoint why. Yes, I will miss my friends and my old boss there, as I already spoke of, but it was something else. It occured to me today as I sat at my computer at home: I no longer have an office of my own, anywhere. I am office-less. I had a really nice office at LSC (well, actually a cubicle), it was in a corner so I had a view and windows on both sides. I had Monet prints on the walls and French dessert plates in swirly metal holders on a shelf, a beautiful plant that survived all these years and a good stereo.

The office at my one consistent client is used by somebody else the other 4 days of the week that I'm not there, although I suppose that doesn't mean I can't put up a few things on the walls. Pardon me while I adjust. I'll be back later this weekend with some more horsey stuff. In the meantime, here are two pictures I took on my way home from the farm last weekend.


  1. Lovely photos. So, are you going salary with LSC then?

  2. Why is it that transitions are so much harder when you don't have a new place to transition to?

    Your photos make my heart constrict. Beautiful ocean.

  3. Elle, I'm giving up Large Software Company (LSC) as a client and taking on salary with my consulting company that I started with in April.

  4. Soft pictures are telling you to be gentle with yourself in this transition.

    Change is never easy and the lack of an office is a mere milemarker along the way, which will be full of other diversions that will then begin to feel like home.

    Love the pictures.