Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Play It Loud

I heard Rocco DeLuca and the Burden on Jimmy Kimmel Live a while back and I fell in love with the song Colorful. It's been on constant rotation ever since I downloaded it. I can really get behind the lyrics as well (verses only):

You swim like you're on fire
Live like your last day
Drink like it's water
There's no tomorrow
And you think no one can hear you
Raise your hands to be called on
You know all the answers

You dance like no one's watching
Sing 'till the song ends
Then you sing some more
And we can hardly believe it
Words that flow from your mouth
Drink like it's water

You are an enigma walking
Make no excuses for the way that you carry on
And we can hardly believe it
The words that flow from your mouth
Drink like it's water, girl

Go to VH1, scroll down a bit to You Oughta Know: Rocco DeLuca & The Burden link and play the full-length video. And turn it up.

What's your current Play It Loud song?


  1. Have you seen Jimmy Kimmel on Dancing with the Stars? Hi lar i ous.

    I'm sure it's on youtube.

  2. Ok, Don't laugh at this country girl who grew up listening to the likes of AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Etc. And occasionally still like it now and again and swore on my life that I would always stay loyal, but my favorite play it loud song is Rascal Flatts cover of "Life is a Highway" :) Seconded by the Brooks and Dunn cover of "My Maria". Go ahead and gag everyone, I'll understand.

  3. Hello, I came to check out your blog and thank you for your kind comments on mine. I see that you have had to overcome a lot of personal tradegy. Kudos to you. Anya

  4. I'm late to the party, but nevertheless addicted to Amy Winehouse's Back to Black. It's all awesome, and my play-it-loud song changes depending on the day. Rehab has the most obvious loud-groove and I love the lyric "I'm not gonna spend ten weeks to have everyone think I'm on the mend."

  5. Callie, I love the original "Life is a Highway" although I must confess I haven't heard the Rascal Flats version.

    Molly, I must admit that sometimes I just need a little J.T. as well.

    Erin, I've also recently discovered Ms. Winehouse, although I find her name to be a bit ironic, no? Every time I hear Rehab I think of poor, sad Britney.

  6. (from mellow to crazy, but all at top volume): "I Will Sing You Songs" by My Morning Jacket; "James" by Josh Rouse; "Hymn to Her" by The Pretenders; "When You're Falling" Afrocelt Sound System with Peter Gabriel; "You Are My Only Girl, but You're Not My Owner" by Hot Hot Heat; "Cry Love" by John Hiatt

    I'm still catching up... more later.