Saturday, May 12, 2007

Interview Questions

I apologize for taking so long to get these up, I was in Texas for five days last week for a business conference. I don't know how those of you who live in humid climates do it, is there some secret for not sweating profusely if you're outside for more than 2 minutes? The evening outing at this conference was at a ranch (naturally), and they put on a decent little rodeo for us, you can't even tell from this picture how sticky I am!

For those who are playing along I hope you will forgive me for giving the same questions to everyone. Typing is a frustrating challenge (I’m used to being able to type as fast as I think) and besides, I think these are good questions. So for anyone who wants to answer, put them up on a post on your blog and let me know so I can go and read your answers.

Question 1: Why do you blog?

Question 2: Is there an event or relationship from your life that you would say helped to define you as an adult?

Question 3: Is there something you cannot currently do that you would like to be able to?

Question 4: What makes you laugh?

Question 5: If you could travel back through time and view any moment, what would it be, and why?


  1. All done and published! loved the mini interview and the questions were real enough to be interesting to respond too. thank you for doing this.

  2. Hey Donna, I did your interview. Good times:-) Thanks.

  3. I just found you through Mikael's blog at Rising Rainbow. I am headed back to my place to post your questions!