Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

I really wanted to blog more this year and here we are, nearly two weeks since my last post. I'm partly blaming the weather. A series of storms hit the Bay Area last weekend and we were without power from 5:30 am Friday to 10:30 pm Sunday. We do have a generator but you can't run it constantly and it doesn't run everything. Our homes and lives need electricity to function, its just how things are set up in our modern world.

I'm also partly blaming work. When you work in the financial world, the first two months of any calendar year are the busiest, and when you have 20 active clients like I do, you can do the math and figure out I don't have much free time.

The weather also prevented me from riding all week but I do have a lesson on Miss tomorrow morning. I lunged her yesterday and today and she is looking sound and fit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the hard pads the farrier has been using are going to continue to keep her sound. Even though we're coming up on one year since I took ownership of this horse and about 8 months since I rode her for the first time, I don't think I've ridden her 10 times yet. Between the weather, her health and mine, it's been a difficult first year. But, I am commited to making this relationship work and the past few months have been more productive.

Here are the last group of pictures from our trip to St. Lucia, if you are considering a trip to the Caribbean I would highly recommend it. If you've seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies you'll recognize the Pitons.


  1. Such lovely pictures.
    This year with Miss has been a wonderful bonding time for you guys. The good times are certainly coming this spring when everyday is beautiful and you can ride at your leisure.

  2. Love the pictures, as usual. Great memories for you guys. Hope it all works with Missy.

  3. Those photos are gorgeous - wish I could jump on a plane! Hope things calm down a bit in your world and you have plenty of time to wind down and ride your beautiful horse!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Looking forward to seeing more pics of Miss -- and more blog posts -- this year.

  5. Can't wait to hear about the lesson. I hope it went well.

    Owning horses can have its ups and downs but I think it's well worth it. Hopefully things will smooth out for the two of you now.

  6. Oh Donna, you make me green with envy, looking at those photos! :)

    Must. Take. Carribean. Vacation.

  7. Donna, you've been awarded a prize over at my blog.

    Hope you and Missy are getting in some lesson time.

  8. I've also been a terrible blogger lately, just can't seem to make the time for it.
    Your pictures are lovely, and I wish I were there right now! It's minus 20 C in Toronto today.

  9. Happy New Year Donna--glad to hear Miss is sound. I am hoping you get to ride during your lesson. Here is to better days with you two in 2008. Love the pics by the way...fantastic. What an amazing trip it must have!

  10. Hi Donna

    Hope your lesson went well, and I agree that this past year has given you bonding time with Miss. I know how frustrating it is to have a horse and not be able to ride, my reasons arent the same as yours but I have an 8 year old that I have ridden maybe 2 dozen times!!!!

    The photos make me yearn for warmer weather, it is freezing here.

    I have just set up my new blog which is in addition to the one you already know.
    Check it out and feedback would be appreciated. It will be an ongoing project as I add more "stuff".

  11. Beautiful photos! A real visual treat !

  12. Not only are those pictures absolutely STUNNING, so is your ability to photograph. Really lovely composition.

    I hope you are doing well (and Missy)

    Thinking of you,

  13. Hi Donna ... havent seen you around much and believe me I know how you are feeling, I have to force myself to do most stuff every day and it is a great effort. I have just posted an Invisible MeMe link to you on my blog.

    I hope it will give you a bit of motivation to forward it on and find some old photos that will bring back happy memories to use in yours. (((Hugs)))


  14. Hi Donna, Its been a while. I've been hibernating, and busy with life, too. Sorry I haven't commented in a while. Been in my own little navel-gazing hole.... Your photos are absolutely stunning. You have a gift there, I think. Ever thought about taking up photography? :) Some of the happiest and most intensely remembered memories of are my two visits to St. Lucia. The people. Le grand Piton and Le petit Piton. The people. The beaches. The generosity and kindness of the people..... A magical place without doubt. One day I will go back there again. I'm really happy to hear that your relationship with Miss continues to be steady. You write very eloquently about your process. Dont stop. I'm glad you are hanging in there..... I think you are very brave. Bird. xoxo