Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I'm very glad the holidays are over. You may have noticed my absolute silence on the entire matter...this is always a difficult time of year. With neither religion nor children, both sides of the celebration are lost to me. I miss my family but I'm constantly disappointed by them. I'm coming out of my rabbit hole and allowing myself to feel again, finally. I rode Miss yesterday and will again today, I had a little chat with my trainer and we're both committed to having me on her back as much as possible.

To start the year off right, here are some more (horse-related) pictures from St. Lucia and a couple new ones of me and Miss at the bottom (notice her new sign?).

This young boy and his yearling creole came down to play in the surf almost every evening at sunset.

D and I on our creole-thoroughbred cross horses on the beach.

Coming back out after a swim.


  1. So sorry the holiday sucked. Great pics! I hope your Missy helps lift your spirits! -Kym

  2. Glad to see your out on the blog again. Hope Miss stays well this year!

  3. Awesome pics! Looks like an amazing vacation. Love your commitment to be on Miss's back in 2008. We share the same idea--I am hoping to ride Maddy on some trails in 2008.

  4. I second the notion that xmas 2007 is best put behind us.

    Happy New Year! Amazing photos as

  5. Lovely pictures. You and Miss look great together - very striking. Best in 2008!

  6. Oh, Miss is absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm glad that she's doing better and that you have been up on her. Is it nerve wracking or fun or a little of both? Perhaps I missed this but have you been on her prior to yesterday? For some reason I don't remember you posting before about riding her.

    All the best for 2008.


  7. She is so beautiful! I love seeing pictures of her, and you with her. Very exciting news that you're riding her again! How is that going? Hoping 2008 is much, MUCH better than the year just past.

  8. So happy to hear you've been on Miss! I am hoping to be riding a lot this year as well.

  9. Hi Donna,

    Sometimes I think the whole holiday thing is overrated. Lots of expectations and all that. ;-)

    But it looks like you had a beautiful vacation. (I am jealous. We are freezing here in NM.) I love the photo of that boy with his horse in the ocean. And of course the ones of you riding on the beach and with Miss.

    It's wonderful that you're riding her. Good for you. Now that's the way to start a new year, in my estimation. ;-)

    Pax. Kimbelry

  10. Hi Donna, glad to see you back. Sorry that the holidays were a bummer.

    Missy looks pretty spunky on that lunge line.

    When are your lessons getting started?

  11. Happy New Year, Donna!!! You really need to be professional photographer, ya know.

  12. Yeah, Xmas blows for me too, because I miss my dad - but I relish my life without kids. Xmas is just a commercial buyfest anyway!
    Your horse is really pretty!

  13. I want to feed that boy and his horse.

    You were lucky you got to ride in the surf! A lot of those places give you five minutes on the beach and that's it. I'm so glad you get to go there.

    I hope all your dreams for 2008 are realized. I made the resolution to ride Lucy 3X week and she immediately got hurt and can't be ridden. Best not to make those resolutions, just secretly slip out and get on....

    May we all spend lots of time on horses this year! (Good, sound, beautiful horses that are OURS.)

  14. I feel pretty much the same way about Christmas, it has become more of a commercial venture than a religious experience I am afraid so I am also glad that it is over.

    Glad you and Missy are getting some time together and look forward to hearing about your progress.

    I always cringe when I hear of or see someone riding a yearling. If I had my way I would wait until the fourth year before doing any serious riding but that just doesnt seem to be the norm these days. Looks like you had fun in the surf though, it is something I have always wanted to do, gallop along a beautiful beach.


  15. you look good with that horse, girl...!

    Christmas was better for me this year, for some reason... but I've certainly been in that rabbit hole. Hope you are doing better now.

    Do you have a phone # for your blog designer? We're looking for someone for a project... if you have a sec, can you send it to me at elevata.rachel -at- gmail.com ... thanks!