Saturday, November 29, 2008

All the King's Horses

Most of the time I feel like Humpty Dumpty, so broken that I can't be put back together again, but the horses don't notice the cracks and wouldn't care about them if they did. Here are some of the coats of many colors of some of my friends.








Me and Missy


  1. What lovely pictures. It always warms my heart to see you and Missy together.

    I'm doing a horse portrait right now, so I enjoy the extra dose of equine exposure.

  2. Ha! A portrait of the incorrigible Quig-monster, no less...
    but those are some nice pix; a very well-kept stable! (& Missy is a doll; solemn vow to self to try to post more pix)

  3. You know what I think? I think horses, dogs, cats etc., do know when we are bothered, see the cracks, and know what is necessary to compensate. They may seem self centered and reactive, but if you really pay attention they work around your feelings.

  4. All the horse pics warm me too, I'm glad they are there for you.

    Also, there's something for you on my horse blog. I hope it warms a little too.

  5. I *love* those pictures! Missy is such a beauty. And I agree with Molly. I really feel that many animals sense how we are feeling and when we interact with them, it's like therapy. With horses, it's not cheaper than conventional therapy ;) but certainly a lot more fun and possibly longer lasting.

    When I was riding last month, it really took me outside of myself. The whole experience was incredible, and to be able to do it across a period of several days was amazing. I'm very glad you have that in your life.

  6. Hey there, good to meet you. I'm a first-timer here and really can't recall just how I found you, so...just wanted to say "hi". Your horses are so very beautiful and wonderfully varied. I do hope that you can kick the depression thing in the butt and be happy!! Even if for little windows at a time. I am another one of the millions out there who struggle with depression, especially in the winter, and more often than not, the holiday season. I lost my dad and then my mom during this time of year. That always brings up their memories - some of which hurt like hell and some of which are more precious to me than anything. I will always miss them, but I choose to be as happy as I can be with the help of many different aids. This blogging is one thing that helps me. I like "talking" to all these amazing people and I find that I don't feel so bad, or so lonely. We have several other things in common as well, but another time. For now, I've probably overstayed my welcome...but, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and will add you to my prayers.

  7. i'm constantly amazed how in tune our animals (my horses and dog too) with my mood for the day.. They seem to take care of me most on days when I need 'em but also my sternest teachers too (good news/bad news sometimes)

    great photogs