Saturday, May 2, 2009


My last set of x-rays looked good so my orthopedist turned me over to a, I mean, a physical therapist. I've had two sessions with her and I've been doing the exercises she gave me to do every couple of hours, as I'm able. I am getting a lot more mobility, but I am paying a price for that. I am back to being in pretty much constant pain and watching the clock for the next time I can take pain medicine. I know this will all be over in a few weeks but right now, it's tough.

Unfortunately my Miss isn't faring much better. The medicine they put on her fetlock under the wrap caused a skin irritation and now her heel is all scabby and dry and cracked and smells nasty. The vet said just to use a different topical ointment (I don't know what any of these ointments are called), but we are getting concerned that it is taking so long to heal. I think she just doesn't want to work unless I am able to work with her.

I had a job interview this week. On the surface it seems like the ideal job for me, lateral salary plus a yearly bonus plus stock (it's a public company), a manager role and a company that doesn't look like it's going to shut its doors next quarter. Yet, somehow I am not excited. I didn't get a lot of feedback from the interviewer, who would be my manager, but I think that had more to do with the fact that she didn't know how to interview than her opinion of my experience. I was rather surprised when she said she would set up a second interview for next week at the end of our discussion, so I'm focusing on that and trying to let my read on her not being impressed go. I'm feeling a lot of pressure to get a good paying job and quickly, as we cannot survive on two unemployment checks, and I think that's playing a large part in my ambivalence, I feel like this is my responsibility.

Thankfully there is more than one kind of therapy. May I introduce to you, the marvelous Marvin, born FINALLY after an entire year in the oven last Wednesday morning. These picures were taken when he was less than 2 days old, so I think it's a good thing he didn't wait one more day, he's so tall!


  1. A perfect baby! Congratulations to the Mama.

    The word "sadist" popped into my mind yesterday for some forgotten reason, but maybe I was on your wave-length. Those therapists are so mean.

    Now I'll be crossing my fingers for the new job.

  2. Sorry about the pain of physical therapy but I am glad you are finally at that stage. Sorry about Missy too - poor thing. She probably misses you.

    Congratulations on the interview. If they called you back for a 2nd one that is a good sign. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!! All the best!

    Btw, Mavin is beautiful. He really is tall. What a gorgeous little guy!

  3. At least they're giving you good drugs, even though, I'm sure that you'd rather not be in pain.

    Also dude, PREGNANT FOR A YEAR? I would absolutely kill myself.

  4. Babies are good for what ails ya...
    [even though Mr Moonie is 2 now, I still appreciate My Baby coming over & putting his chin on my shoulder]
    it's a shame Momma only has 2 hands, bcz then EVERYONE wants a scratch!

  5. What a priceless little guy he is! He really could cure just about anything. Wonderful photos.