Friday, June 1, 2007

Diamond in the Rough

Owning a horse (a green thoroughbred mare, no less) is a bit like juggling hamsters -- a tad unpredicable. Last Monday I had a good lesson on one of the schooling horses and was just cleaning up my stuff to head up to see Miss when the farm owner whizzes up to me in her golf cart with a worried look on her face. "Missy has a cut on her nose and needs stitches," she blurts out, then speeds off to pick up Willow. I head up to her stall to find a gash in her nose, a vertical cut about 2 inches long.

It seems she was up to her usual trick of trying to steal hay from her pony neighbor by sticking her head through the bottom of the pipe fence between their stalls and cut her nose on a sharp piece of hog wire when she pulled her head out. It wasn't bleeding and she didn't seem to be in any great pain, chowing down on her dinner, so we just cleaned it and left a message for the vet to come in the morning.

I rescheduled a client visit for another day and headed down on Tuesday so I could be there to pay the vet and check on her; I would just be too worried about her all day if I didn't. The cut was a lot deeper than any of us had thought and required a double layer of stitches to close it. She was so brave! He didn't have to anesthetize her, she just stood there and let him put a needle of lidocaine right into the wound then stitch her up. I, on the other hand, got woozy at the sight of that needle and all the blood on the cleaning gauze and had to step away.

I managed to snap this picture of her with her nice shaved nose with purple stitches. D said she looks like a moose! I had a carrot in my hand and she wouldn't back up so you get the extreme closeup shot.

Here's a picture of my new necklace as well. You can hate me, just a little bit, if you want.


  1. Check out that bling! Nice score, lady! :)

    And so sorry to hear about Miss's nose. I'm glad she's all stitched up, and hope she heals quickly.

  2. She was a very good girl to just stand there for the shots to numb it. And, no, not the most flattering picture mom but it was supposed to be the wound not a 8 x 10 for a portfolio, so looking like a moose might be ok this once. lol

  3. I totally hate you, just a little bit: that is one lovely necklace. And I'm thinking healing thoughts for Miss.

  4. That is gorgeous! The necklace and the horse, that is...

  5. Hey Donna,

    Just wanted to ask really quick, is there a URL for subscribing to this blog via an RSS/Atom feed?

  6. Aww...what a good good brave horsie she is.
    That necklace is super awesome!

  7. Glad the stitches went so well - she's just a sweetie! And, yes, I'm jealous. Very, very jealous! -Kym

  8. Gorgeous pendant! Exquisite taste!
    Brave Brave Miss...hope she heals quickly so she'll look even prettier for her next head shot!

  9. Hope Miss does ok. I hate when they injure themselves. Hope the vet bill wasn't too steep either.

  10. my daughter had to have double stitches to close up a deep cut a few years ago...luckily not on her nose though

    hope Miss heals quickly

    gorgeous necklace...have you taken it off yet?