Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Is For Pictures

Katie is a very friendly baby, right from the start she had no fear of people and would come over to whomever came to visit her for a scratch. Here she is being coy peeking over the fence.

I love the symmetrical socks!

She's usually such a goof...

...but occasionally you can catch her in a serious pose. Hard to believe at a week old she's already tall enough to look through this window in their stall.

This is Ruby at 2 weeks old, doing her giraffe impression.

Resting in the sun.

Here she is yesterday at one month, hanging with mama in the big grassy pasture.

Here's my baby after our ride yesterday.

Finally, Wilbur here must have had a bad night...shhhhhhhhh.


  1. Love the baby pictures and your girl. Wilbur is too much! LOL

  2. It'll be so much fun watching them grow up. Congrats on your ride.

  3. Great photos! Oh, and congrats on getting to ride your girl again, and a belated Happy Birthday!!!

  4. What breed is Miss? I used to have a throughbred and she looks a little like him but thicker. She's beautifully muscled.

  5. Sally, she's a thoroughbred, she's just fat and happy. LOL

    The two babies both have thoroughbred mamas and Dutch warmblood daddies, not the same daddy though.

  6. Omfg so damn cute! Don't they have the softest noses ever? Ah, it'll be a heartbreaking day when everybody gets seperated for the first time...

  7. Beautiful babies!

    Wilbur made me laugh. We've got a piggie that I call The Screamer. But mostly she's referred to as Pig.

  8. Miss looks so shining and gorgeous--Love Wilbur.

  9. Beautiful horses! I love the pig too.

  10. I'm lovin the pics. Happy Belated birthday btw.

  11. I just love the baby pics. Katie is especially cute. Wilber must be hung-over. :)

  12. I think that Wilbur is doing his impersonation of ME!!!

    Every time I tell my hubby that I'd like to live on a place where I can have horses, pigs and etc, he just rolls his eyes. I think you are living as close to a heaven that there is.

  13.'s we get more pics now. ;P

  14. Hey girlie, just checking in to see how you're doing... and it would seem to be very well, indeed. Your necklace is fab, it looks like you and the horse photos warm my heart... glad to see you're doing so well.

    My blog is down right now because someone icky is trolling through every goddamn page they can get their hands on and it makes me nervous. I might start a whole new one, who knows...

    Anyway, may your summer of love be long and full of beautiful days. Something tells me it will.

    { hug }

    Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday too!

  15. Donna - your photos always amaze me.

    I was just thinking about my upcoming b-day and remembered that I never said Happy B-day to you! So.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DEAR FRIEND!!! Seems like we were just turning 39 together.

    Your pendant is beautiful...just like your life these days. And that makes me very happy.